Science Moments with Alan Nursall

Jul. 14, 2020 at 12:26 p.m. MDT

Try these experiments at home to entertain the kids and adults alike.

Fill a plastic bag about half full of water. Stand over the sink! Take a sharp pencil and give it a deliberate push so it pierces both sides of the bag. The bag remains sealed!

Fill a transparent glass with a clear carbonated beverage, like club soda. The bubbles in carbonated drinks are bubbles of carbon dioxide gas, and the bubbles like to form on surfaces, like the side of the glass or any object inside the liquid. Drop in about ten popcorn kernels. They quickly sink to the bottom. They also start to accumulate bubbles!

Please be careful with this one – open flame!!

Light a candle and let it burn for a minute. Have a lit match or lighter ready. Blow out the candle and quickly bring the flame of the lighter close to the hot wick. The candle will re-ignite without touching the wick.