Sea Lions: Life By A Whisker -- Trailer

Feb. 19, 2021 at 11:37 a.m. MST

A classic coming-of-age story of one of Australia's most unique, intelligent, and playful animals.

Between a jagged cliff face and a roaring ocean, lives one of the rarest marine mammals on the planet, the Australian Sea Lion, and one very special pup named Otto. Curious, intelligent, and playful…this family of whiskers needs our help!

A heart-warming journey of a sea lion pup, and the man who has dedicated his life trying to save her species.

Audiences will embark on an epic quest through the uninhabited wilderness of the Great Australian Bight, to the lush kelp forests off the Californian coast.

You'll also encounter giant humpback whales, cunning cuttlefish, great white sharks, and one Marine Park Ranger on a mission to find out what it takes to save a species.